Charities Christmas Cry for Help

It’s the season of giving, but this year many can’t afford to. With the spiralling cost of living stretching household budgets to the limit this Christmas, many Australian families who previously contributed to charities will instead be relying upon them. New Salvation Army research reveals more than two million Australians will be reaching out to…

Multi-partisan group to support Australia’s charity sector

A new Parliamentary friendship group, comprised of Federal Parliamentarians from different political orientations, has been formed to champion Australian charities and not-for-profit organisations. Although they play a critical role in assisting communities and represent the spirit of giving that defines the Australian character, charities and not-for-profits are too easily – and too often – overlooked.…

Senate Contribution – Sir David Smith

Very honoured to pay tribute to the life of Sir David Smith in the Senate.

Sir David, who died earlier this year, served as Official Secretary to five Governors-General of Australia – a role in which he also worked closely with our late Queen.

He became a leading voice for the Monarchist cause during the Republican debates in the 1990’s and beyond, and was a man who never wavered from his beliefs.